Not only is AirportICE a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) credentialing management system, but it is designed for the specific needs of Airports. The software is not a part of the physical access control system; however, it performs many tasks typically associated with the access control system.

AirportICE future proofs your security system to allow for compliance with new security directives and enable new technology to be bolted onto existing infrastructure. The solution Intellisoft offers is the most stable and reliable IDMS system in the marketplace.

  • Integrates disparate new and legacy physical access control and logical access control systems.
  • Easily defines and manages complex business rules creating secure identity environments.
  • Simplifies, streamlines, and automates Card Issuance.
  • Governs and reports Regulatory Compliance.
  • Establishes policy-based Internal Controls.
  • Manages multi-modal Biometrics.
  • Automates critical processes.
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