Intellisoft works with more than 80 government facilities to provide a complete identity and credential image of the employee base and vendor population. Very few places in the world have tighter security protocols and more stringent identity requirements.

Simplify Identity and Access Control Management

FTSE 300 companies to large charitable organizations, we turn complex business rules into logical workflows. This way get employees vetted, badged and working - quickly and securely.

One Simple Interface for all Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)

Our list of partners include AMAG, Tyco, Software House, Lenel, Honeywell, and many others. Intellisoft solutions offer a seamless experience allowing access to doors managed by new and legacy access control systems. After the integration is completed, everything is managed through one easy-to-use interface which requires very little software training.

Maintaining compliance while running efficiently is a challenge! Let us show you how we can help.

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Easy to Use, Self-Serve Process for Enrollment, Provisioning, and Card Lifecycle Management

An Intuitive web portal provides instant access and guides users through the provisioning process; confirms that all the proper IDs were checked to ensure that the persons getting badges are who they say they are.

Minimize Risk, Increase Productivity and Future-Proof Security Processes

Store your critical employee, vendor,and contractor data in one place while providing role-based access control deployment plan that will save you hours of future data entry.

Respond Immediately During Times of Heightened Security

Instantly increase the level of security at selected access points during times of heightened security. For these critical times, “If you’re not on the Secure List, you’re not getting in.”

Same Superior Security, Anywhere You Need It.

Maintain reliable security in even the most remote and disconnected places. Simply use your mobile device to instantly verify identities, log personnel infractions and validate access to authorized areas. GPS provides visibility of all devices and activity on a Google map.