The new office design will not only provide more space for their increase in talent, but it will simulate life inside the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. The location will include a building up-fit and redesign that will be ready in the March timeframe. As you can expect, the employees are very excited about the new building.

“I’m the biggest Star Wars nerd in the company, so I’m obviously excited about the new designs and theme. I even created a new word – Intellennium.”

Ethan Wutka, Intellisoft Engineer.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon theme was chosen to indulge the Intellisoft engineering team who are the heart and soul behind the company’s success.

“Really, it’s a perfect match because everyone in the company is very fond of the Star Wars trilogy. Everyone has their own claim to why they are the biggest fan in the office, but I might be the only one here that actually saw the first Star Wars in a theatre.”

David Peeples, Intellisoft President.

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