PMI: Project Management Institute

We have adopted the PMI principles of Project Management. Our Executive Director of Project Services, David Laiewski, is PMP certified and has 30+ years of project management experience.

Ongoing Compliance with Security Directives

Intellisoft always stays ahead of any new security directives. Not only do we make sure that our software is always in compliance with any changes, but we also are constantly communicating with all relevant organizations so that we can be instrumental in developing these changes to improve your compliance, efficiency and security.

Software Development Lifecycle

We have “The Best Solution” so we believe that implementation should be done the right way. We utilize the Software Development Lifecycle to make sure that all of our projects are planned out as we implement them. This planning and implementing is a cycle for a reason, because it takes more than one planning session to get things done right. Our success rate on projects is 100%. We have never failed on an implementation.