• Regulatory changes: Within airport and government entities, regulations are constantly changing. You will want software that is easy to update, without breaking or creating bugs, when new regulatory changes occur. If your IDMS is a customized solution, then regulatory changes might end up costing you lots of money and breaking your solution.
  • Proven capabilities and dependability: With COTS, you know what you are getting already works because it is already working for other airports or government entities. It is the same solution. When it comes to your compliance, efficiency and security, most airports have decided not to gamble with a custom solution.
  • Easy to support: When you have questions or need help with your IDMS, your support team will be experts because the software is the same solution for each customer. If you choose a custom solution, you will know more about your software than the team who is supposed to be supporting you. It is not the support team’s fault, they just cannot be experts at dozens of different solutions, especially when those solutions are constantly changing and updating.
  • Benefit from other clients' input: With COTS, you will get the benefit from all of the other users' input. At Intellisoft, some of our best R&D is done by our clients who want new features. When those features roll out, all of the clients get to benefit.
  • iPhone/Android vs customized qPhone: When you choose a solution for your mobile phone needs, you could go to a custom phone maker to put together a customized, one-of-a-kind cell phone. However, anytime your one-of-a-kind cell phone had any issues or needed updates, it would take a new customized code. Most likely, the phone would become riddled with bugs and each new bug fix would break other things that used to work. However, if you choose a COTS phone (such as iPhone or Android), then you get a proven solution that combines your phone, calendar, alarm, calculator, camera, flashlight, notepad, rolodex, video games and more.
  • Customized vs Easily configurable by you: Even though the solution is not customized and one-of-a-kind, it can still be easily configured by you. With your iPhone, you can add and remove apps that you choose. You can set different ringtones, backgrounds, and move around icons to fit your preferences. The same holds true with Intellisoft's COTS solution for your IDMS. The code may not be customized to make a one-of-a-kind solution for you, but many options are built in so that you can easily configure the solution to match your preferences and processes.


Not only is AirportICE a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) credentialing management system, but it is designed for the specific needs of Airports. The software is not a part of the physical access control system; however, it performs many tasks typically associated with the access control system.

AirportICE future proofs your security system to allow for compliance with new security directives and enable new technology to be bolted onto existing infrastructure. The solution Intellisoft offers is the most stable and reliable IDMS system in the marketplace.

  • Integrates disparate new and legacy physical access control and logical access control systems.
  • Easily defines and manages complex business rules creating secure identity environments.
  • Simplifies, streamlines, and automates Card Issuance.
  • Governs and reports Regulatory Compliance.
  • Establishes policy-based Internal Controls.
  • Manages multi-modal Biometrics.
  • Automates critical processes.
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