Bagpipes at Intellisoft

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You never expect for software and bagpipes to make such a great team, but for the last several months, the Intellisoft office in Mauldin, SC has been the unofficial home of Greenville’s local Scottish musical ensemble, the City of Greenville Pipes and Drums!  Earlier this year, the normal rehearsal site for the band (a local Greenville church) began renovating its campus, so the band needed a place to fine “tune” their skills for the upcoming competition season.  The ample indoor and outdoor space, the central location, and the insulation from residential areas made the site an ideal choice for a temporary rehearsal spot (not to mention that the Drum Sergeant for the pipe band is Intellisoft’s own Kevin Mavis).

During the band’s tenure at Intellisoft, the City of Greenville Pipes and Drums achieved a 2nd place South Region ranking with the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association and a National EUSPBA ranking of 5th place!  In addition, the drum section, under the careful tutelage of Mr. Mavis, gained top marks at several competitions, and they even received the coveted “Grade 5 Drum Corps of the Day” award (first place) at the Highland Games in both Charleston, SC and Scotland County, NC.

Intellisoft is proud to have been given the opportunity to serve the members of its community, especially when we have so many out-of-state clients.  Sometimes, with far-reaching goals, it is easy to lose sight of what’s nearby, and we have been honored to give back to our neighborhood by helping this excellent group of musicians connect with their heritage.  This only goes to prove that history and progress can always find ways to make beautiful music together … yes, even with bagpipes.

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