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Intellisoft’s Identity Management solutions are trusted at over 100 of the most secure facilities in the United States including the nation’s largest airports, the Pentagon, and the Department of Defense.

We deliver the highest level of public safety and security

Since its formation in 2003, Intellisoft has continually assisted its customers by innovating quickly and responding to ever-changing threats that exist in high-security environments. We offer exemplary industry experience with our best-in-class security solutions.


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What we offer

ICEWare / AirportICE

Seamless Integrations bring data from your Access Control, Background Check, and Computer Training Systems into a single, user-friendly view.

Passion is what drives us

We streamline your current processes and make your work hassle-free

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The Best Team

No Outsourcing

No outsourcing; our company is located in Mauldin, SC and all of our employees are local

Vigorous Background Screening

All employees undergo background screening in compliance with some of the most secure locations in the United States


An incredible track record and reputation in the market

Always Improving

We invest in our employees through continuous education and training so that we are “Always Improving”

Professional Growth

We are committed to our employees’ professional growth and it shows

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Our Mission

Outstanding track record and spotless market reputation

We invest in our employees through continuous education and training so that we are “Always Improving”. Our reputation in the market is unmatched and we take great pride in the support we are able to provide our customers as well as in the outstanding feedback our employees consistently receive.

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Our Values

Our customers are our best salespeople. Just ask us for a list of clients so you can hear why.

“Always Improving” is not just a phrase we have adopted as part of our company motto; it also defines everything we do as a company.

Above all, we strive to make our clients’ processes more efficient, more compliant, and more secure. We want to streamline your operation and make your work hassle-free.

the best solution

Everything you need. All in one place. Easy to use.

Integrations bring data from Access Control, Background Check and Computer Training Systems into a single, user-friendly view.

What we offer

Access Management Portal (AMP) / Intellisoft IDMS

Supported legacy products include ICEWare / AirportICE

What people say
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Intellisoft IDMS

Elevate Your Security with Intellisoft IDMS: The Ultimate Identity Management Solution.

Introducing Intellisoft IDMS, the industry-leading credentialing management system meticulously crafted to address the unique demands of airports. While operating independently from the physical access control system, Intellisoft IDMS seamlessly handles a multitude of tasks typically linked to access control – offering unparalleled security and efficiency.

Stay ahead of the curve with Intellisoft IDMS’s future-proof design, effortlessly ensuring compliance with the latest security directives and providing seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into your existing infrastructure. Experience unrivaled stability and reliability with Intellisoft – the premier choice for IDMS systems in the airport industry and beyond.

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Always Improving

PMI: Project Management Institute

We have adopted the PMI principles of Project Management. Our Vice President of Project Strategy is PMP certified and has 30+ years of project management experience.

Our mission

We strive to understand and accommodate the ever-changing needs of our clients and our industry

We asked 50 Airport Security Coordinators at CAT X, 1, and 2 airports across the United States to give their perspectives on leading security issues at their airports, identifying priorities and potential gaps in the areas of technology, training, and communication.

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Intellisoft is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 CERTIFIED

Intellisoft takes information security seriously, and we’re willing to prove it.

Intellisoft is SOC certified

Intellisoft successfully completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2® TypeII Audit examination.

Everybody at Intellisoft loves their job

Ongoing Compliance with Security Directives

Intellisoft always stays ahead of any new security directives. Not only do we make sure that our software is always in compliance with any changes, but we are also in constant communication with all relevant organizations so that we can be instrumental in developing these changes to improve compliance, efficiency, and security.

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