Intellisoft’s Identity Managment solutions are trusted at over 100 of the most secure facilities in the United States, including:



Integrations bring data from your Access Control, Background Check and Computer Training Systems into a single, user-friendly view.

Everything you need. All in one place. Easy to use.

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Follow TSA and FAA Compliance

Create an efficient workflow for your organization and make sure the compliance boxes are checked.

“We receive email notifications telling us when we are nearing our compliance thresholds like our 5% lost badge rate.”
Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Understanding Client Needs

We asked 50 Airport Security Coordinators at CAT X, 1, and 2 airports across the United States to give their perspectives on leading security issues at their airports, identifying priorities and potential gaps in the areas of technology, training, and communication.

Their collective experiences span decades of escalating security threats and intensified compliance regulations, and their unified feedback forms this compelling snapshot of airport security.   


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