We would like to say “Thank you” to Amy Peeples for organizing and orchestrating a great Christmas party at Intellisoft. This event has always been a hit with the employees, but Amy Peeples continues to go above and beyond to make each year better than the last. Thanks, Amy, for making this an event to remember.

Most of us are blown away at the positive culture and how shockingly different this was from other company Christmas parties.  This event had it all, from delicious food, great presents, music, photo booth, trivia, and a white elephant gift exchange. Intellisoft also celebrated their annual “Peeples Choice Awards” where President David Peeples gave out such awards as  “The Tardis Award” to Lauren Fowler, our office manager, for fitting so many roles into one position and “The Chewbacca Award” to VP Eric Dodson for his undying loyalty to the team. 

Take a look at some of the pictures below so you can share in our event with us.