The 5 Benefits Of Web Enrollment For Airport Badging

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Government compliance adds to the complexity when vetting new employees and providing them with secure access to your facility.  Beginning the badging process using a web portal will help eliminate errors and increase efficiency while providing process updates through reports.

Here are the 5 benefits of a Web Enrollment Solution for the Airport ID and Badging Office.

Reduces Paper Applications

Trusted Signers who are designated by the airlines, concessionaires, airport security, etc. can now remotely submit their own employee applications from anywhere at any time via the web. All they need is their username, password and a browser.

Minimizes Data Input Errors

During the online application process, each field that is completed lights up green and guides the user to completion. If a field is left blank, the submitter will be notified and directed to any issue that needs attention. Unlike paper enrollment, an incomplete application cannot be submitted.

Eliminates Long Badging Queues

With the completion of the online enrollment, employees will no longer need to submit paperwork at the time of their appointment. Since the data input process has already been completed, this greatly reduces the long wait times traditionally experienced by new applicants in the badging office. “I’ll take the next person in line please!” is something you’ll hear more frequently.

Eliminates Duplicate Data Input

Employee information that is being held in a queue will be verified by a Trusted Agent who matches the information to the ID Documentation presented. Once the ID verification takes place, a profile can then be created in the Identity Management System (IDMS) and a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) will be automatically processed. Employee data only has to be entered once and never again.

Provides Instant Access to Reports

All the data you need is held securely and accessible via any device with a browser. Use the reports tab to customize a report or choose from a standard list of options including “Badges Pending Expiration”, “% of Lost Badges”, ‘Background Check Completion Status”, etc.  With this kind of information at your fingertips, TSA will be your BFF!

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